Jobs and Improving Colorado’s Economy

In my tenure on city council, we worked together to create hundreds of high paying jobs in our community and spur private investment. I’ll make sure the same happens at the State Capitol. It’s unacceptable for Adams County families to have to hold multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. We will work together to rebuild the middle class and make sure the most vulnerable people in our community have access to good-paying jobs. This issue is critical to Colorado’s ability to grow and move forward.

Creating a Fair Education System

Every student deserves access to a high quality public education no matter what part of the state they live in. It was not until college that I fully realized the inequality our education system perpetuates in Colorado. I worked hard in school and was accepted to one of our nation’s top universities. However, I was ill equipped for the academic rigor of college. I studied with outdated high school textbooks while my college peers came from school districts with virtually unlimited resources. Our kids deserve better. It is imperative that we create an education system that ensures all Colorado kids have the opportunity to succeed.


Adams County currently does not receive its fair share of transportation funding. We have aging interstates, bridges and roads to fix. I will use my experience at the local level to propose innovative solutions to Colorado’s transportation challenges. And I’ll make sure Adams County receives the funding we need to make repairs, increase alternatives for public transportation and ensure working families have an affordable means of getting around.